a Certain Place


The Prayer Ministry at Crossroads has been in place for many years. We have committed to increasing prayer focus with prayer groups, prayer events, a 24/7 prayer tree, an altar prayer ministry team and the opening of A Certain Place (Prayer Room) in 2016.


A Certain Place is Crossroads Prayer Room. Designed specifically for prayer – personal, private or family prayer, this space can also be used for corporate prayer for a specific purpose (i.e. our nation, community, Israel, Crossroads leaders, etc.).

This room is for everyone – young and seasoned individuals; families (children 13 and under to be accompanied by an adult).  Food and drink are allowed but everyone must clean up after themselves.  This is your place.  Please remove wet or muddy shoes so people can sit or lay on the floor if they chose.  Fireplace and lights must be turned off by the last person leaving the room.

Some of our room features include Prayer Wall (to place prayer requests and praise reports), Communion Elements, Salt Box, Globe and an Israel Wall.


Open hours for prayer are Mondays – Fridays 9am – 2pm and 6pm – 9pm.  You may stop in anytime during the day, on your way to or from work, when you need a quiet place to get before your Father or when you need to do battle. Please see calendar posted outside of Prayer Room for scheduled times when prayer facilitators are available in the room.


For more information or if you have any questions regarding the Prayer Ministry at Crossroads, please contact Bernie Powis.

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